Do you own an interesting vehicle? I am looking for you!

I am looking for interesting out of the ordinary vehicles to shoot and I will do it for FREE! Yes I will do all the work for FREE. There are a few terms and conditions of course. These are quite simple,

1. You need to apply for a shoot.
2. I will work through applications and select those I believe would be of interest.
3. If you are chosen for a shoot, I will give you branded copies of the images for FREE! You may publish and share them ONLINE as you please without editing any part of the image.
4. That’s it… easy as that.

I do however offer licensing options for other use that we can discuss as well as prints.

If you are happy with my terms you can register your vehicle here and

Application Form

Name *
Please tell me what makes this car stand out from the rest. Why is it special? Is it a Supercar, unique car, modified car etc...