Spending a Day Series…


Who should I “shoot” next?

I am always up for a “story” and open to suggestions. If you know someone that you believe is news worthy, then please fill in the form and tell me more about them. If your nomination succeeds, I will do a photo story on them…


A Day with Pedro Barbosa

Mozambique-born Pedro Barbosa is no stranger to the South African music scene. I got the opportunity to shadow him for a day to see exactly what the life of a musician is like… (This day he opened for Brian McFadden (ex Westlife))


A day with Hanco

Shadowing one of SA’s new up and coming artists was quite a unique experience. I followed this young man to see exactly how he spends his day…From a quick vocal lesson to David Gresham Records for a quick session…


A day with Anton Botha

Taking a closer look at what how this man spends his day. He performed at a Grand parents day, doing a sound check before a show and visiting one of his sponsors.


A day at SAAF 2018 Airshow

I must admit that I am not too much of a “prop-job” man and more of a jet person. Never the less I went to go see what the SAAF guys got up to at the 2018 show


A Day at “LekkerLand 2018”

Dullstroom is an amazing place to go spend a weekend, but when you add a music festival with some big names like Refentse, Bouwer Bosch, Karen Zoid, Metthew Mole and more…you have magic!